Welcome to the BEST travel blog around ;)

Welcome to Openendon.com where we are going to give you a wild ride with some extensive travel blogging. So strap yourself in and get ready to experience this wild ride. We are going to be giving simple tips and tricks to make your life easier. One of the best travel hacks I have ever had is the travel light travel hack. If I am going anywhere for less than a week, I can condense everything I need into ONE carry on bag most of the time. This has allowed me to save hundreds of dollars while flying by not having to check a bag. It has also saved me hundreds of hours in NOT WAITING for my bags to be unloaded from the plane.

I am an Avid traveler and I have been all around the world. One day, my dreams is to be able to only travel the word and blog about my experiences and sustain my traveling just from blogging. I am a pretty simple person and I do not need all of the finest things. Simple accommodations are usually what I like best, but I will say that I do not mind having a 5 star resort stay.

Living like the People

Whenever possible I like to experience the culture direct from where I am traveling and staying. The way I have found this is absolutely best done, is to stay with families. They are usually true to their customs and can show you a great deal more than any hotel. They also usually know the best local spots and the best ways around town!


Experiencing new culture direct from the source has always been a passion of mine.
Stay tuned for my future updates and what is to come of this blog and my travel experiences.
We are on a journey together and excited to keep going!