Travel Tips for First Time Travelers

Security and Health

Check with your insurance provider and your doctor

Ensure that you have the required vaccinations and have essential prescriptions before you travel. Then, you need to talk to your medical insurance provider about your policy terms. Make sure that you ask the insurance representative about cover when you have emergencies abroad. You may consider adding more coverage if your insurance does not cover medical emergencies in a foreign land.

Have passport copies

If your lose your passport while on a trip, a copy of your passport can easily transport you back to your home country. Also, it can prove your citizenship.

Leave a passport copy at home

If you are going on a foreign trip, ensure that your trusted friend or relative has a copy of your passport. Also, you can have a scanned copy of it in your email.

Visit your embassy in your destination country

This will ensure that your government can contact you easily and can bring you to safety if you encounter a problem while on vacation.


Check Forex translations before leaving your home country.

Finding of your destination country’s currency will ensure that you get the best rate available.

Ensure that your destination country accepts your credit card

Even if you have vacation money in cash, you still need to bring your credit card with you, especially if it has the latest chip-and-PIN technology. If you have the outdated magnetic strip credit card, you may not be able to may purchases because most businesses abroad no longer accept magnetic strip cards.

Visit the ATM or bank in your destination country

More often, travelers are the target of unscrupulous people. In fact, the conversion centers around the city or in the airport may be a huge rip-off. You will not pay more fees if you visit the bank or ATM.

Have local cash

Other establishments may not accept credit cards. Thus, ensure that you have local cash when you travel. This will pay for the buses and trains.

Call your credit card providers or bank

Some transactions may not be allowed by your credit card provider or bank. Such actions will prevent fraud. Thus, if you are traveling abroad, ensure to tell your bank about your vacation plans.

Check entrance and exit fees of your destination country

Some countries charge travelers fees when they enter or exit. Your airline ticket price does not include these costs. Thus, prepare the money even before you go on a trip.

Local Research

Buying plane tickets in advance is cheaper.

Buy maps to learn about the different sites.

Research activities while in the destination country


Bring your charger adapter as other countries have various voltage and size plugs.

Check the voltage of your gadgets as voltage may not be high enough in your destination country.

Activate global capabilities of your phone. You may pay higher if you do not use your phone’s global capabilities.

Download an app that you can use to search for great deals in your destination country


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