How to Travel Alone

Do Lodge with a Single Supplement

Most hotels and cruise ships require two people to share a room. If you want it for yourself only, you must pay a single supplement. This ensures that the accommodation provider makes money even if you travel alone.

Before booking, check for the fees that you need to pay. If you cannot find it, ask your travel provider before making a reservation.

Choose Accommodations with Different Positive Ratings

For your safety, do your homework. You can stay in an Airborne property or hotel with multiple reviews. You have an idea of what you can expect from the neighborhood or the room provider. Also, ensure to ask if other tenants will share the room with you.

Select a Location with Free Wi-Fi

If you are in a country that gets dark early, do not venture out of your hotel or room. But, ensure that you have free Wi-Fi in your area so that you can talk with your family and friends. Also, you may use the internet connection to reply to emails, surf the web, and stream movies.

Meet Other Tourists and Travelers

Traveling solo is a good chance to meet other people.


Relax while Eating

You use your meals to unwind. You can talk to the bartender or waiter. You can just sit down and reflect. You may even use your meal time to plan what you will do next. You may visit a cafe for a more casual environment.

Begin Your Day Early

If you are not into nightclubs, you start early because there are more opportunities to go on a sightseeing trip alone. Also, you will be safe if you walk around during the day.

Be Adventurous

You may hesitate to try new things when you travel alone. This is normal because you do not feel confident when there is no one by your side. But, you can use this time to be adventurous.

Take Pictures

Take pictures of every place that you visit. With free Wi-Fi hotspots, you can share these pictures immediately on social media. Your friends and family will feel that they are with you on your trip.

Inform Your Family and Friends of your Travel Itinerary

Leaving your travel itinerary with them will allow them to monitor your whereabouts from time to time.

List Down your Emergency Contact Details

Make your emergency contact detail accessible. This list can include your personal contact details, the name of a friend or relative that other people can contact in your home country. Also, include important phone numbers.

For instance, your credit card company’s toll-free number is important in case you lost your card. If your plans change, you can contact this number to activate your travel protection benefits. Also, have a picture of your stove before you leave your home. Most of the time, people forget to turn off their iron, coffee maker, or stove before heading to the airport. To ensure that you do not forget turning them off, take a picture of them.

Once at the airport, check the pictures to ensure that you have turned them off properly. If not, you can call your landlord, friend, or family to do it for you. This way, you do not worry while you are on vacation.


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