Health Benefits of Traveling Overseas

A person who travels overseas find the experience exciting and fun. He will reap emotional, mental, and physical benefits when he disconnects from his usual routine to travel abroad. He can stay for a few weeks or even months.

Most Americans travel to the US only. They do not travel abroad often. The Hostel world Global Traveler Report published a study that showed Americans are 50% less likely to visit another country, compared to Europeans.

The average UK resident has traveled to 10 countries, while a German citizen has visited 8. A Frenchman has seen five countries, on the average. According to the report, an average American has traveled to 3 countries. The same report showed that 29% of Americans have not even left the country.

Whenever a US citizen leaves the country, he is most likely to visit Mexico or Canada. 71% of Americans find it extremely expensive to visit another country. But, travel deals are popular these days. Thus, US residents can travel abroad without depleting their bank accounts. They may not understand the advantages of visiting other countries.

Traveling is healthy

In a report by the US Travel Association and the Global Commission on Aging and Trans america Center for Retirement Studies, people who travel are healthier. Women who travel abroad at least two times a year have a lower risk of heart attack. On the other hand, men who do not travel yearly are 20% more likely to die early and 30% more likely to have heart disease.

Traveling is a Stress Reliever

Losing baggage or missing a flight can be an anxiety booster. But, traveling can significantly lower stress levels. According to research, travelers feel more rested, less anxious, and are in a better mood three days after their vacation. These benefits continue for weeks even after arriving from the trip.

Traveling is a Creativity Enhancer

Experiences in a foreign land help boost though integrativeness, and cognitive depth and flexibility. Columbia Business School professor Adam Galinsky investigated the links between foreign travel and creativity. International travelers are more engaging.

When a person travels abroad, he undergoes a critical and important process in multicultural adaptation, immersion, and engagement. If he does not connect with the local culture, he will not enjoy the creativity boost. On the other hand, anyone who engages with the local environment will notice a significant boost in creativity.

Traveling is a Satisfaction and Happiness Booster

Most Americans are happier when they travel abroad. They have no worries about work. But, according to a Cornell University study, people who plan a trip also increase their happiness in the process. Anticipating the vacation proves to be better than anticipating the purchase of an item. People who travel overseas gain benefits even during the planning stage.

Traveling Prevents Depression

Depression is a primary problem of society. Most Americans suffer from depression regularly. Thus, doctors tend to overprescribe medicines for depression. Fortunately, traveling is a form of escape from the hopelessness of a depressive state.

According to Wisconsin’s Marshfield Clinic, women who travel overseas at least two times yearly can prevent chronic stress and depression from affecting them.

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