Different Ways Of Life

#6  Your Communication Skills Will Improve


Travelling is all about meeting new people, from different backgrounds and various parts of the world. This kind of exposure to different people with their different perspective often leads to some of the most meaningful conversations that you will always cherish for a long time.

Smiling and talking to any random stranger on the bus or while you’re hiking will help you be confident in the most unpleasant situations. You’ll soon become a very active listener and a great communicator when you get out of your cultural boundaries and interact with people. 


#7  You May Learn A New Language


Do you know that there’re more than 6000 variants of languages spoken in all around the world? Few of the languages are so beautiful and unique that there are around 100,000 people who speak this language. Chances are that you’ll travel to a new place, where you will get the opportunity to learn a new language.


#8  You’ll Become More Organized


Travelling is easy. In fact, it’s one of the easiest tasks in the world. The only part where you need to use your mind is while you’re planning the trip. It is definitely one of the most challenging tasks. Organizing and planning your trip is a little tough, but very essential if you want to enjoy your trip.

From taking care of the budget to planning, packing, and doing a little bit of research about the places are few of the most important tasks you need to do while you’re travelling. If you can master all these tasks, then it will also help you to tackle the other situations in life.  

Travelling with a plan will help you enjoy your holiday. Although you must have adaptability skills, planning in advance is always a great idea if you want to have a peaceful holiday.


#9  You’ll Become A Storyteller


We’ll are storytellers.

Each and every one of us has a unique story to share to the world, and it’s because of the beautiful and unique experiences that happened during the trip. When you’ll travel often, you’ll have different kind of experiences and memories to share with the world. And, that’s how you’ll become a storyteller.


#10  You’ll Learn To Be Open To Different Ways Of Life


No country or city is same. Each and every country is different, and they have their different cultures. When you’ll start travelling, you will realize no matter how different the people are or the backgrounds they have, everyone is beautiful in their own way. It’s something that ties us together.

How Traveling Can Enhance Your Life

Isn’t it a great feeling to pack your bags and leave for a place which you have never explored? Well, it’s going to be your next adventure. There are very few things in life which can be as beautiful and motivate as traveling. There’s something special that happens to us when we land in a completely unknown place- it’s more like when you’re opening your eyes for the first time in your life.

The kind of life experiences that happen when you’re traveling from one place to another is unlike anything else. It’s very difficult to explain how you feel when you see the beautiful sunset in a beach or when you interact with the villagers during the trip. These moments are beautiful; they will make you realize why life is beautiful. Here’s exactly how traveling can enhance your life.


#1  You’ll Learn To Respect Different Perspectives


Nothing can change your life than seeing the way the other people lives. You will start appreciating life and be thankful to god for providing everything which you ever wanted. You’ll also start respecting the other cultures and countries. Love the language, lifestyle and appreciate what people in other countries do- you’ll understand that it’s different everywhere and that’s absolutely okay.


#2  You Would Learn To Live In The Moment


Whether you’re exploring the beauty of beaches in Goa or the pyramids of Egypt, traveling teaches you to make the most of that moment. Travelling makes you stop and live that one beautiful second or minute which won’t ever come.

You won’t really be bothered by the last text message you received when you’re exploring the best places in the world that you read in your high school textbook. Travelling teaches you to unplug yourself. It helps you to discover new things about yourself. 


#3  You’ll Start Value Experience over Any Things in This World


Once you have started loving traveling and understand its impact on the lives of people, you would realize that materialistic thing are nothing. They won’t make you happy. Rather than buying a luxury car, you will invest in something that matters to you- explore places where you haven’t been yet and learn about different cultures. Travelling is not something you do- it’s just something you deserve to do.


#4  You Learn To Roll


Of course, you must have missed your flight or lost the luggage while traveling to a new place- and its experiences which will teach you to deal with the situation in the best way. The sooner you’re prepared to take the challenges, the sooner you’ll be carefree and enjoy every moment that comes your way.

Learning how to be calm even when you’ve missed the flight or dealing with any other issues is one of the most important tasks which traveling will teach you. You’ll soon realize that you can handle anything in life and that there’s nothing that can make you upset.


#5  Your Decision-Making Skills Will Improve


The moment you decide to start your career in a different city is the moment when you have started building your decision making skills. When you have decided to start your life in a new place, your natural instincts have started working and now you can take the decisions independently.

The prospects of making your own choice is something you should be always proud of. Travelling to a completely unknown place in comparison to visiting a place which you already knew offers you with different kind of challenges which you need to resolve on your own. Making the right decisions at the right time can be improved more if you travel enough.

Some wonderful benefits of traveling

Travelling enhances our social skill

It has been seen, that travellers have better social skills than people who don’t travel often. Is it just a coincidence? The answer is No; travelling leads us to meet various people and brings us near to their culture and lifestyles. As a result, regular interaction with them enhances the social skills and etiquettes. So, if you feel your social skill is poor or not up to the mark, travelling can be your saviour.

Travelling helps you to get real life education

Travelling tries to educate us about the various culture, lifestyle, geography of a place and the natives of that particular place. This is considered as the best kind of education as we are getting it with the help of real experience. Schools, colleges or even Universities can provide us with this kind of education.

Travelling can make you more creative and original

Travelling leads us to stay out of our comfort zone for a long time. This prolonged staying out of our comfort zone can fill our minds with fresh creative ideas and making us more original in the process.

Travelling ensures peace of mind

In this modern era of cut throat completion, we often get exhausted and stressed out. Travelling helps us to temporarily distract ourselves from things that are acting as a trigger to our stress and thereby gives us the much-needed peace of mind.

Travelling as a confidence booster

When you start travelling to various destinations frequently, you start taking responsibilities for your own actions. This gradually helps to enhance your confidence and improves your decision making power which will prove to be handy in any situations.

Travelling helps to broaden your outlook

In order to stay updated with the changing society and the world, we need to shrug off our narrow outlook and broaden it. Travelling leads us to connect with different kinds of people. This helps us to eliminate age-old prejudices, narrow mindedness and bigotry thereby expanding our outlook of the whole world.

Travelling leads us to appreciate our life

Life is regarded as the greatest gift of God. But, sometimes due to some bitter or heartbreaking experiences, we tend to forget this very fundamental yet very important thing. As soon as we start travelling and experience more of the world and Mother Nature, a sense of gratitude and appreciation for all the memorable and beautiful moments while travelling dawn upon us. Like this, we learn to appreciate our life and lead it without any burden of regrets.

These are some wonderful benefits of being a travel bug. So, wherever you are, pack your bags and get ready to enter the realm of travelling.

Finding A Purpose Through Traveling

There is a saying that we human beings only live once. So we should try our best to make the most of our lives and make it worth remembering. If you are not much of a traveller or bit of homesick, I would advise you to get out of your comfort zone and start travelling as this will help you reinvent little joy and happiness in your life.

Travelling doesn’t always necessarily mean, pre-planned trips or pre-planned vacations because of their lack of surprise element. It means embarking on a sudden trip to an unknown place which can be anywhere. This kind of travel can really spice up your routine life providing much- needed refreshment that we all need occasionally.

Travelling has many wonderful benefits. Once you start travelling, you will start experiencing a change in you and will long for more interesting places to visit. Apart from that below, we will try to discuss lots of wonderful long term benefits of travelling. They are as follows.

Finding a new purpose in life

There is a saying that travelling is like taking a trip into the depth of one’s own character. Our life itself can be termed meaningless without purpose, that’s where travelling is a game changer. Frequent travelling to various destinations exposes us to new people, new lifestyles, new cultures and much more. This entire newness factor can have a wonderful effect on you as it may help you to find a new purpose in life.

Learning to appreciate your home more

It has been widely noticed that if you stay at home regularly, it loses its importance to you and at times, a taken as granted feeling comes to mind. Frequent travelling can be of immense help in this situation.

During travelling, when we stay away from home and homely atmosphere and reside at a place where homely luxuries are not easily available, we tend to realize the importance of home and thereby learn to appreciate our home. This occasional appreciation is very important for all of us as it helps to keep our feet grounded my making us humble.

Realization of your little knowledge of the world

Taking an idea about a particular place from book or internet is no match for the experience you will gain when you actually visit that place in real.

The world in itself is vast. It consists of snowy mountains to hot desert, dense forests to rocky plateaus. The more places you visit, the more you will come to realize that how much wrong you were about the world and how little you knew about the world.

This will help you enrich your knowledge about the world which can never be easily forgotten.

Common needs of human beings in spite of coming from different backgrounds

The more we visit various unknown places and meet people from different kinds of background and race we realize that though human beings have cultural, ethnic, racial, linguistic dissimilarities still they are governed by some common causes like certainty, uncertainty, need to contribute, need for love and connection and much more.

Travelling, a life changing experience for introverts

Are you an introvert by nature? Are you too shy? Do you face difficulty to make friends? If you tend to fall in this category of people then trust me travelling can work wonders for you! While travelling you will realize that it is very easy to make friends as travelling will help you to get exposed to people who are raw and more real so that is easy to interact with and there are not very judgemental and quite easy going.


Tips for Cruise Trips

As well as saving money on drinks, you don’t have to splurge on food to eat well on a cruise. Cruise fare includes basic dining options, i.e. breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but that doesn’t mean that every food choice on the ship is free. Specialty restaurants on cruise ships charge for the food normally, though if you do want to squeeze in a visit for a special occasion, do it early. Since most cruise ship passengers frequent the dining hall in order to get at the buffet on their first night on the cruise, some cruise lines will offer discounts or special dining benefits to guests that go to the specialty restaurants on their first night. In addition to that, you won’t have to deal with any crowds that are more likely to be there further along in the cruise. If you get hungry and don’t feel like going to the dining area, cruise lines normally offer room service for their guests as part of the ticket price. While the items on offer can differ between cruise lines, you can rely on there being complimentary room service items as well as items that you must pay for.

Since most cruise ship passengers frequent the dining hall in order to get at the buffet on their first night on the cruise, some cruise lines will offer discounts or special dining benefits to guests that go to the specialty restaurants on their first night. In addition to that, you won’t have to deal with any crowds that are more likely to be there further along in the cruise. If you get hungry and don’t feel like going to the dining area, cruise lines normally offer room service for their guests as part of the ticket price. While the items on offer can differ between cruise lines, you can rely on there being complimentary room service items as well as items that you must pay for.

If you get hungry and don’t feel like going to the dining area, cruise lines normally offer room service for their guests as part of the ticket price. While the items on offer can differ between cruise lines, you can rely on there being complimentary room service items as well as items that you must pay for.

Once you’re on board and know what you’re doing for food and drink, you can get to the attractions on the cruise ship. There are lots of things to do in between ports, and they’ll probably occupy the majority of your time aboard the cruise. One popular service offered by cruise lines is the choice of a variety of spa treatments. Ranging from access to pools to saunas to massage therapy and more, going to the spa on a cruise can be an effective way to unwind. However, beware that like most extra things on a cruise, anything related to an onboard spa can be an additional

However, beware that like most extra things on a cruise, anything related to an onboard spa can be an additional charge and an expensive one at that. Whether or not the extra cost is worth it is pretty much up to you. Make sure to do your research on what exactly is included and how much everything is so that you aren’t surprised at the bill when you’re finished.

On board many cruises there are also a wide variety of games to play in your down time. Arcades, of course, are paid on an individual basis instead of through your fare, so they can be a bit of a drain on the wallet. However, they can be a good way to enjoyably kill some time while traveling, especially for a family with kids. Adults may casinos more to their tastes, though you risk much more money in the casino than in the arcade, often walking away with less. It helps to set an arbitrary limit on your spending either way so that when you’re done you still have money to enjoy the rest of the cruise.

With all the distractions aboard the ship, visiting the ports may be the easiest part of the cruise. Make sure to have your passport on you and get travel insurance in case of theft, and stay safe. The point of a cruise is to travel in style, so have fun to explore and make sure to be back on the boat when it leaves.

Airplane Fees p. II

Both of these airline fees have been critiqued as merely another tax being placed upon travelers. The aim, of course, is to avoid raising taxes in general and instead place the burden of funding infrastructure on those who use it. Whether this is a wise or just policy is up to your political stance, but in the end, what this means is that for those who wish to travel, it’s only going to get more expensive. Both economic stress and a general tendency to have the average customer foot more of the bill for air travel infrastructure have resulted in a world where it can be incredibly difficult to travel quickly to many different places.

Since flying has become such an expensive mode of travel, yet it’s still the fastest method for most locations, what is there to do? Well, although the fees for flying are plentiful, there are many methods to save on plane tickets. For one, ticket prices can fluctuate depending on the day that you buy them. Buying tickets in high-demand times, such as days directly preceding holidays, will cost more simply because that’s when everyone wants to fly, and the airlines know it. But even the day of the week can affect the price you pay; a Friday getaway can cost a lot more than a midweek Wednesday flight. Also, perhaps a bit counterintuitively, splitting your travel with connecting flights can be cheaper than getting a lesser amount of more direct flights. This can probably be chalked up to the same reasoning as choosing your flight times carefully; it’s all about demand and convenience. Choosing a slightly less convenient option or buying plane tickets outside of high demand periods can often net you a far cheaper ticket to travel with.

Once you’ve obtained a lower cost plane ticket, there’s still the matter of finding a place to stay. After all, travel is good, but you still need somewhere to sleep. And as it so happens, there are far cheaper options than the average hotel, especially considering the markup that you’ll face closer to many airports in the top destinations. Currently, programs like Airbnb let you rent out small spaces so that you can travel on a budget and use only the space you need. For a cheaper (but perhaps riskier option), you can occasionally find people that will house swap, so that you can both travel while still enjoying the comforts of a house. While you do have to have a certain amount of trust in order to live with strangers or lend them your house, if you can find reputable people then you’ll be able to travel a lot more on the same budget.

While air travel has become more and more expensive for the average person, it doesn’t have to be unattainable. In order to offset higher prices inflated by fees, you can use strategies to reduce the total cost of your flight as well as the cost of your accommodations.

Airplane Fees

It seems as though traveling is becoming more and more of a luxury. Not only are international tensions leading to stricter travel restrictions worldwide, but even domestic methods of travel are more expensive than ever. Of particular note is the issue of airline travel. It used to be that a roundtrip ticket was a fairly affordable and efficient way to get a vacation or family visit in over a weekend. Naturally, inflation and the economy have resulted in some rising costs, but there is another reason: the ongoing trend of fees for anything and everything associated with flying. As has become common with many other businesses that can get away with it, airlines have been charging fees for many of their operations. At first, this was an acceptable measure to cover the cost of additional services rendered. However, what were once services included with flying on an airline have been made into excuses to gouge travelers for additional fees. And this trend is nowhere near stopping.

Recently, a fee increase for airplane flights was approved by a Senate committee. Nearly doubling from $4.50 to $8.50, the Passenger Facility Charge (which airlines can charge you 2 to 4 times, depending on if your ticket is one-way or round-trip) is getting quite a hike. This fee ostensibly serves to fund infrastructure improvements to airlines, paying for vital pieces of infrastructure that airports require to function. An increase to this fee would certainly help to meet presidential goals concerning general improvements to infrastructure. However, that is my main concern with fees such as this: if it is to functionally be a tax, why are we as a country not moving to tax the airlines that use this infrastructure to turn a profit? Surely the air travel business is not hurting so much as to not be able to pay to maintain its airports. Why should those that wish to travel finance these businesses even more than they do now? Interestingly, the proposal has some resistance even among airlines. Naturally, if fees go up, they can likely expect a drop in business that may not be offset by whatever amount of money that could be expected from the fee’s increase. Unfortunately, it seems to be the case that the majority of those in charge are in favor of increasing airline travel fees – bad news for airlines, and worse news for passengers.

This isn’t the first time that new fees have been proposed in order to pay for airline services. Earlier this year, President Trump suggested that as part of his new budget plan, the cost of operating the TSA should be covered mainly by fees charged to those using their services, i.e. airline travelers. This was meant with considerable resistance, understandably. The fee that was intended for this exact purpose had already been raised significantly, and it now stood to keep increasing. Just as with the proposed fee increase, both traveling consumers and airlines opposed this fee increase, as it would most likely ultimately result in more expensive travel and less revenue for airliners simultaneously.

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