Airplane Fees p. II

Both of these airline fees have been critiqued as merely another tax being placed upon travelers. The aim, of course, is to avoid raising taxes in general and instead place the burden of funding infrastructure on those who use it. Whether this is a wise or just policy is up to your political stance, but in the end, what this means is that for those who wish to travel, it’s only going to get more expensive. Both economic stress and a general tendency to have the average customer foot more of the bill for air travel infrastructure have resulted in a world where it can be incredibly difficult to travel quickly to many different places.

Since flying has become such an expensive mode of travel, yet it’s still the fastest method for most locations, what is there to do? Well, although the fees for flying are plentiful, there are many methods to save on plane tickets. For one, ticket prices can fluctuate depending on the day that you buy them. Buying tickets in high-demand times, such as days directly preceding holidays, will cost more simply because that’s when everyone wants to fly, and the airlines know it. But even the day of the week can affect the price you pay; a Friday getaway can cost a lot more than a midweek Wednesday flight. Also, perhaps a bit counterintuitively, splitting your travel with connecting flights can be cheaper than getting a lesser amount of more direct flights. This can probably be chalked up to the same reasoning as choosing your flight times carefully; it’s all about demand and convenience. Choosing a slightly less convenient option or buying plane tickets outside of high demand periods can often net you a far cheaper ticket to travel with.

Once you’ve obtained a lower cost plane ticket, there’s still the matter of finding a place to stay. After all, travel is good, but you still need somewhere to sleep. And as it so happens, there are far cheaper options than the average hotel, especially considering the markup that you’ll face closer to many airports in the top destinations. Currently, programs like Airbnb let you rent out small spaces so that you can travel on a budget and use only the space you need. For a cheaper (but perhaps riskier option), you can occasionally find people that will house swap, so that you can both travel while still enjoying the comforts of a house. While you do have to have a certain amount of trust in order to live with strangers or lend them your house, if you can find reputable people then you’ll be able to travel a lot more on the same budget.

While air travel has become more and more expensive for the average person, it doesn’t have to be unattainable. In order to offset higher prices inflated by fees, you can use strategies to reduce the total cost of your flight as well as the cost of your accommodations.